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Hiya! It's been so long since I've been on. I'm officially in 11th Grade. I'm so happy. I just got done with my first semester classes on Friday. I'll be going back to school tomorrow to start my second semester classes. If I do well this year, i'll be promoted to 12th Grade. By the way, I still have an obsession with Roy Mustang. Okay.... I shouldn't have said that. Oh well... Since I said it, it won't matter now. Anyways, My grandmother is moving down here to Virginia at the end of this month. I can't wait!

Anyways, later!

Hiya once more...

I'm such in a good mood because I'm now off for spring break. I'm also excited because my birthday is in 4 days! Yay! School's been busy and sometime this month, I'll be going down to my local DMV to apply for my driver's permit. Hopefully. things will go well. My great-grandmother will be seeing her neuro doctor tomorrow to find out when she will be having surgery. I hope she gets better afterwards.. I got to participatate in my school's 'Guitar Hero 3' tournament a few weeks ago. I lost in the first round to a person in the same grade as me. I had a great time playing in it. For the next two months, I will be busy getting ready for my exams. Hopefully by this June, my brother will be graduating 12th grade, if he passes Biology that is.... Oh well.... Time sure flies when you're in school.... I just got to hang on until school is over...


I'm finally done getting through my final exams and I get to relax at home before I go back to school on Tuesday. I was happy on Wednesday that my brother didn't show up for school. He was lucky that he got to be excused for two of his final exams and that he didn't have to come into school. I was very happy that I got to listen to my mp3 player without him talking to me. I've been trying to rest for the past day since I got sick last Saturday. I'm almost better and well. :)


Back again

It's me again. It's been real crazy lately. My grandfather was in the hospital for a week due to having a heart attack and he got released friday afternoon. I'm trying to relax on my winter break and my grandparents are coming over to our house tomorrow for our christmas eve dinner. I'll try to stay in a good mood.

Happy Holidays!


Once again, I'm tired. I hurt my back during my Physical Training yesterday because we were playing kickball and I slipped on the floor and I landed on my back. That was painful (yet funny..) Anyways, I got to march in a christmas parade on sunday and while I was marching, I got rained on. That was not my best sunday... Anyways, I have a test in my algebra 1A class and uniform inspections tomorrow so I will be a bit busy. Later!


Writer's Block: Tasty Thanksgiving Treat

My favorite dish on Thanksgiving would be turkey..
What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Hello once again...

Hey everyone! I'm here to share that I'm out of school for thanksgiving break and I'm happy to relax. I've been busy with school, especially with taking ROTC, which is a course which gets you ready when you want to go into the military after high school. I went though uniform inspections and drilling last week. Both went fine... I just recently took a test in my algebra class and I managed to pass it. ^_^

So far, everything is well. My older brother is being a pain as usual and I have a headache. I bet you're wondering why my userpic has an image of Roy Mustang. Well..... funny thing is, I happen to be a Roy Mustang fan. I absolutly LOVE him. XD

That's all for now.... Later!


Hey again

It's me again. School is done for the week and I am tired. I've been busy bringing up my grades in my ROTC class and my english 10 class. I'm just glad I am able to rest now.



Hello all

I have been on here only once, but I was usually browsing around. I've been busy with home(because of my parents... >_> ) and school of course. I just didn't have the time coming on here..... but now I'm back.